–Great for Technical Speakers

While at fooCamp this weekend in Sebastopol, among many interesting people, I met the founders of a new site –  They call themselves a ‘social conference directory’ and from my first try-out – I LOVE their services and site.

Take a look at the Lanyrd page for the upcoming SoCalCodCamp (below) conference:


They’ve got the ability to list conferences, sessions, speakers and, most importantly, in addition to the typical metadata such as conference location, agenda information, etc…Lanyrd allows you link metadata to speakers (such as books authored) and to conferences and/or their sessions (such as slide decks, notes, etc..).

On the Lanyrd profile page (shown below), you can see what conferences I am speaking at, what conferences I am tracking (interested in), etc..Also you get links to all information related to my talks, such as videos, notes, decks, and so forth.


On the Lanyrd calendar page (shown below), you see your conferences and on another tab, the conference that your friends are interested in/ going to/speaking at.  Currently Lanyrd shows only your Twitter friends conferences, although the founders told me they plan to add other social media connections.


Very useful!  Check it out.