Windows Azure screencast series for .NET Developers

Azure Platform architecture

I am planning to record a many-part screencast (demo-filled) series for you, my .NET developer friends.  As I work on the outline and abstracts, it occurs to me that I might simply ask you, 'what topics would you like to see me cover?'  The idea is to make a USEFUL set of screencasts focused on implementing Windows Azure (code samples and sample applications) - no power point.

To get you started thinking, here's my 'rough list' - you comments are WELCOMED!

Ideas for Azure

types of services (core Azure, SQL Services, premium Azure - SQL / .NET / Workflow, Live A and B, any others?)

getting a token

setting up the development environment - required downloads

setting up the development environment - IIS and SQL config

understanding local Azure development

implement web roles

implement worker roles

implement Azure - hosted services

implement Azure storage - blobs

implement Azure storage - queues

implement Azure storage - tables

about configuration files

implement SQL Services storage

implement .NET Services

implement Workflow Services

implement Live A

implement Live B

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