Ultime KB's rilasciate

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

SharePoint Publishing feature does not support "Save Site as Template" option


Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010

"List from Spreadsheet" using SharePoint Designer 2010 throws "An unexpected error has occurred"


Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010

The SharePoint 2010-supported sandboxed environment does not support the export of Web Parts that are developed in that environment


Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

SharePoint 2010 Ratings Synchronization Timer Job errors in Publishing/Consuming MultiFarm Configuration


You cannot render a page of a binary large object file that contains CSS styles in a SharePoint Server 2010 site


Event ID 8306 is logged on the SharePoint Server 2010 front-end Web server


The values in a multi-valued string property are missing in the EditProfile.aspx page in SharePoint Server 2010


The search results page throws an exception when a name in a document metadata column contains "&", "<", or ">" characters in SharePoint Server 2010


The search scope is displayed in English instead of the localized language in a SharePoint Server 2010 non-English tenant site


The search crawler does not use the crawl target WFEs to crawl the host header site collections when the crawl target feature is enabled in SharePoint Server 2010


"Ambiguous attribute flow from multi-value to single" error message on certain user profiles when you perform a full synchronization against AD DS in SharePoint Server 2010


Vwa.VwaPage.getPosition returns the same value regardless of the position of the page in the viewport