64bit machine - VS EP add-in not deploying user control to SharePoint while saving

In 32 bit machine, when you edit an user control in VS using EP add-it, it automatically uploads the saved file to both AOT and to SharePoint (“%SYSTEM Drive:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\ep" folder on the web server)

If you are using 64 bit machine for EP, make sure getSharepointTemplatePath method of SysEPDeployment class in AOT has the below code . This is needed so that whenever you save user controls in VS, that will automatically be deployed to the EP server same as in 32 bit env.

        public static str getSharepointTemplatePath()
str templatePath ='';
templatePath =SysEPDeployment::getSharepointTemplatePathDotNet();
return templatePath? templatePath:SysEPDeployment::getSharepointTemplatePathWin32();


Thanks to John Hermsen from Giant Bicycles for providing a similar workaround.

(2) If you are making change to user controls in Visual studio, then there are no additional steps to have these changes propagated to the EP Server. Whenever you make changes on already existing user control in VS, it will automatically copy it to the SharePoint folder location. If you are creating new user control, when you add it to AOT by the right click menu and save the control in VS, it will automatically copy it to the SharePoint location.

(3) If you are making changes to Tables/EDTs/Enums/Data Sets/Classes, then you need to click the “Refresh AOD” link available to the administrators in the EP home site quick launch. This will clear the metadata cache. You can also do an “iisreset” if needed

If you are making change to proxy file/static files/resources, then you need to deploy them. User AxUpdatePortal utility http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd261467.aspx (Manage Deployment Option does not work in 64 bit machines,so you have to use AXUpdatePortal)