New solution for isolated SharePoint Online team sites

SharePoint Online team sites allow you to quickly and easily create new sites for public (organization-wide) or private (confined to group membership) collaboration. If you want to lock down a SharePoint Online team site whose membership and permissions are tightly controlled by designated SharePoint administrators, create an isolated SharePoint Online team site.

To help you understand, plan, deploy, and maintain an isolated SharePoint Online team site, see the new articles at

  • An overview article describes the business need and how isolated SharePoint Online team sites address it.
  • A Test Lab Guide steps you through a proof-of-concept. You create an isolated SharePoint Online team site for a secret project and test the permissions with a trial subscription.
  • A design article steps you through design elements and best practices.
  • A deployment article steps you through creating groups, populating them, and then creating and configuring your isolated team site.
  • A managing article describes common ongoing management tasks for an isolated team site.

This solution corresponds to the first item in the 2. Allow collaboration and prevent leaks row of the Information Protection for Office 365 poster.

There are Microsoft PowerShell commands throughout to help you automate configuration.

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