Updated Microsoft Cloud Storage for Enterprise Architects poster

The Microsoft Cloud Storage for Enterprise Architects poster has been updated with the latest information and links to resources.

It can help you understand how Microsoft’s cloud offerings support storage using a building construction analogy:

  • Move-in ready cloud storage options are bundled with existing cloud-based services, which you can use immediately and with minimal configuration.
  • Some assembly required storage options can be used as a starting point for the storage of your solution with additional configuration or coding for a custom fit.
  • Build it from the ground up storage options can be used to create your own storage solution or storage for your apps from scratch.

You can download this multi-page poster in PDF or Visio format and get this poster in eleven languages here.

There is also a new article version of this poster’s content here.

The Microsoft Cloud Architecture Series
for Enterprise Architects

The Microsoft Cloud Storage for Enterprise Architects poster is just one in a series that provides detailed architectural advice from choosing the right Microsoft cloud offerings to designing IT elements such as security, networking, identity, mobility, and storage.

This poster set shows the breadth and depth of the Microsoft cloud, the industry’s most complete cloud solution, and how it can be used to solve your IT and business problems.

Browse through the whole set of posters at http://aka.ms/cloudarchseries. For these posters in eleven languages, see this blog post.


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