Come meet the new MSDN


The MSDN Global Network is re-launching with a new design and new benefits for all MSDN subscribers.

MSDN subscriptions are the ultimate resource that give developers, teams, and organizations comprehensive access to Microsoft tools and technologies to confidently design, develop and test software solutions. Along with access to thousands of downloads, it offers professional support services and expert information resources to ensure developers can rise to the biggest challenges.

Today, we are announcing new benefits to better support developers and to help them grow their career. All MSDN and BizSpark subscribers will be able to leverage free e-learning courses in English. We are providing priority support to all subscribers through MSDN Forums. We are also announcing free Windows Azure Platform cloud computing use for MSDN Premium and BizSpark customers following Windows Azure commercial availability. To kick start developers on this powerful platform, subscribers will get 750 free compute hours per month for 8 months.

The MSDN network re-design supports our customers around the world, including 37 international sites. The goal of the new design is to improve the overall experience with the site and centers and help you be successful with the Microsoft products and technologies you have invested in. The new MSDN site includes a new visual design, new ways for the community to interact on the content, and new Silverlight controls to promote dynamic community content. This includes a Community Activity area featuring recent and most popular forums topics, code samples, and technical articles. The MSDN Library now has the ability to explore two new library views: ScriptFree (which sets the bar for performance by eliminating scripts and server round-trips) and the Lightweight Beta (a similar view to VS 2010 offline help experience).

This is just the start of an important investment we are making around our online assets to improve discoverability, readability, consistency, and relevance.

Feedback from MSDN users is crucial to making MSDN the best place to go from ideas to solutions. Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback and recommendations to make MSDN a better place. We are looking forward to hearing your additional input on the MSDN Site Feedback Forum on how to make MSDN even better.