Visual Studio Gallery

A few weeks ago I talked to you about MSDN Code Gallery and the range of resources available from snippets to SDKs.

To add another resource to enhance your development experience, today we’re launching the Visual Studio Gallery. This site provides a catalog that showcases free and commercial products that complement or extend Visual Studio.


The broad range of solutions you’ll find on the Visual Studio Gallery will give you a sense of the momentum we’re seeing around Visual Studio Extensibility. We have a large and growing group of partners building businesses on the Visual Studio platform, and we have a growing developer community focused on extending Visual Studio to create new tools. For example, a number of in-house developers and enterprise teams are building productivity and methodology tools that are specific to their needs. We’re also seeing a broad uptake of the Visual Studio 2008 Shell which we announced in November.

Visual Studio Extensibility(VSX) is an inclusive set of resources and capabilities for all Visual Studio developers. For example, you might want to install one of the extensions you find on the Visual Studio Gallery -- the easiest way to extend your development experience. Or, you might want to build a coding tool for your development team – you can use the free Visual Studio SDK to build it, and you can ship it in the Visual Studio 2008 Shell.

The Visual Studio Extensibility Developer Center points to the latest SDK, the Visual Studio Shell redistributables, and how-to resources to get you started.

We already have hundreds of extensions listed on the Visual Studio Gallery, and for me personally, it’s very cool to see the innovation built on Visual Studio from our partners and the development community.