World's youngest MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)

With every new generation, you see people achieving great successes and accomplishments at an earlier age than the previous generations. This is a natural part of evolution and also partly due to technological advances that enable people to access information and get exposed to different kinds of opportunities earlier in their lives. You might have read about the 9-year old wonder kid from Pakistan, who recently became the world’s youngest MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional).

I got a chance to meet with this wonder kid – Arfa Karim Randhawa earlier this week. She is a 5th grader who visited us at Microsoft for a few days along with her father. I had a lot of fun in meeting Arfa and getting a chance to understand what motivated her to strive for such an accomplishment at such a young age. She definitely has some clear ideas about the kinds of scenarios she envisions technology can enable in the future.

My hats off to Arfa’s parents for nurturing her passion and talent and providing her with opportunities to learn and excel. I wish Arfa all the very best in her life and hope that her passion for learning and more importantly “dreaming big” enables her to do great things in her life.