Looking forward to PDC 2008

It has been a while since I posted updates for WCF LOB Adapter SDK ... and it is good to see that Adapters product team has been very active at blogging about WCF LOB Adapter SDK and BizTalk Adpter Pack.  

I have been working on Microsoft Codename "Oslo" modeling platform since last year.  In a nutshell, the "Oslo" modeling platform consists of:

  1. "Oslo" Repository  
  2. "Oslo" Modeling Language (Microsoft Codename "M")
  3. "Oslo" Modeling Tool (Microsoft Codename "Quadrant")

Douglas Purdy and Don Box are primary champions officially talking about "Oslo".   I, in particular, am part of "Quadrant" PM team and responsible for creating Quadrant domain-specific editing experience over the .NET 4.0 Workflows and Service models.

I can be found at the .NET (WCF, WF) and Windows Application Server booth at the PDC, around the Lounge or proctoring one of the hands-on-labs.  The following "Oslo" related talks are scheduled at PDC:

  • A Lap around "Oslo" (Douglas Purdy, Vijaye Raji) 
  • "Oslo": Repository and Schemas (Martin Gudgin, Chris Sells) 
  • "Oslo": The Language (Don Box, David Langworthy)
  • "Oslo": Customizing and Extending the Visual Design Experience (Florian Voss) ["Quadrant" focused talk]
  • "Oslo": Building Texual DSLs (Chris Anderson, Giovanni Della-Libera)

Come by the booth if you have questions, feedback and/or want to learn more about "Oslo" modeling platform.