A Day of DevOps, Release Management, Software Quality and Agile Project Requirements Management (Cape Town and Johannesburg)


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Are you looking to improve the way you manage software projects, or release software? Perhaps you need some better processes around managing test cases and bugs. Join us for 2 half day sessions where we focus on these topics and more. The morning session is focused around Getting Started with DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Release Management. The afternoon session is broken into 2 parts. One focused around software testing including test case management, execution and bug tracking, and another focused around project and requirements management. Feel free to attend either session or both.

Morning: Getting Started with DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Release Management (9am to 12:30)

Audience: Developers, IT Professionals, IT Decision Makers, Testers, IT Managers

Release Management & DevOps has become such an important part of the modern application lifecycle. Simplifying releases to production and dev/test environments is the next step in realizing more frequent & less stressful deliveries. Agile practices can significantly shorten development times, but maintaining a fast delivery cadence in operations can be more challenging. In addition, processes should also be streamlined in the other direction, from operations to development. It is critical to capture production usage information and issues to help the development team respond quickly and foster a build-measure-learn cycle. In this session we will explore how Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server extends ALM to operations. Topics covered include


· A high level end to view of Application Lifecycle Management

· Release management and automation, release pipelines and approvals to accelerate deployment to operations, including using DSC, Chef and Puppet

· Treating Configuration as Code.

· Application Insights 

· Cloud Based Load Testing

· Production Debugging and Monitoring

· Leveraging Azure for DevOps and Dev/Test Environments

· System Centre and TFS Integration

Afternoon: Improving Software Quality and Requirements/Project Management with Team Foundation Server (13:30 till 16:00)

Audience: Business Analysts, Testers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Developers, IT Managers

Delivering high quality software that meets user’s requirements is a risky undertaking. Development and Quality Assurance Managers along with product owners and business analysts need to be in a tight partnership in the war against software bugs. Software quality issues, both structural and functional, not only delay the time to market for a solution while increasing costs, but they also delay the subsequent benefits to the business. In a business world of increasing focus on compliance and control, teams must balance the need for agility against the reality of quality control. High quality software is the outcome of applying the combination of sound methodologies, best practices and supportive tooling. This session is broken into 2 parts. One focused around software testing including test case management, execution and bug tracking, and another focused around project and requirements management.

Managing work, projects and requirements with Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Server provides a wide set of capabilities for managing requirements and work. These allow you to implement your own practices, or incrementally adopt the agile or other practices that best fit your team. Quickly plan, manage, and track work across you backlogs and teams with easy-to-use, fully integrated tools for agile planning and portfolio managements. Topics covered include

- Requirements Management

- Task Allocation

- Prioritization and Planning

- Backlog Management

- Agile Portfolio Management

- Task Boards and Kanban Boards

- Reporting and Integration

- Test Case Integration

- Project and Excel integration

Improve software testing with Team Foundation Server

Are you tired of spending hours trying to reproduce and diagnose bugs? Do you have a hard time getting testers and developers to talk to each other? Is it difficult to determine which tests are most important to run after you produce a new build? If so, then this session is for you!. During this session we explore the various capabilities. We also examine the various testing roles played by members of the development and testing teams and show how they will interact with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server to more effectively test software and eliminate bugs. Topics includes

- Planning and Managing Test Suites and Test Cases

- Running Test Cases

- Logging and Managing Defects

- Web Based Test Case Management and Execution

- Exploratory Testing

- Automated Testing