Team Foundation Server Training

Recently, I seem to be receiving a decent number of requests around training for Team Foundation Server. This has been across the board including:

  • Planning and Managing Work/Requirements. Agile Project Management
  • Source Control
  • Developer Practices
  • Build
  • Testing – Manual, Automated
  • Release Management

I have put together a set of resources that can help. I will look to keep this list updated, and also include contact details of organizations that deliver training and workshops in South Africa


Microsoft Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy has a fantastic set of courses for developers and IT Pros. For TFS/ALM there are 3 jumpstarts that are very useful, especially if you want to write the exams.

There are also a number of other courses on Virtual Academy including:


Virtual Machines

This is my personal favourite, and how I learn the product. The virtual machine has everything setup, and you can use the fantastic hands on labs to learn at your own pace. In my view, a must have for any org/person who is using or learning TFS

List of All Visual Studio ALM Virtual Machines.

There are VMs that also cover Project Server integration and SCOM integration with TFS

The most current one is the VS/TFS 2013 VM that contains 24 Hands On Labs. These labs cover areas including:

  • Agile Planning and Portfolio Management, Storyboarding

  • Source Control – Git, Branching and Merging

  • Release Management, Lab Management

  • Testing – Manual, Automated, Load, Test Case Planning and Execution

  • Developer and Architect Tools – Code Map, Unit Testing, Code Coverage

  • Debugging – IntelliTrace

Must Have!




ALM Rangers

The ALM Rangers churn out an incredible amount of fantastic materials. I cannot keep up. My personal favourites are

There is tons more though and you can check out the full ALM Rangers Catalogue for details on the other guides and eBooks.


Channel 9

Finally there are materials galore on Channel 9. From full sessions at Build and TechEd to short videos and channels dedicated to certain topics (e.g. Release Management, Git). Just type something of interest (TFS, ALM, Git, Testing, Release Management etc. etc.) and you are bound to get a bunch of useful material



There are lots of blog out there so I will just out 3 for starters


Local in Person Training

I will populate this in the next couple of weeks


I hope this helps,

Ahmed Salijee