Office365Mon – The First Month in Review

Today is a special day for Office365Mon. We have been live for exactly one month. You all have been an important part of this month. We’re pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished and we are very grateful for your support. We wanted to give you a recap of the last month and update on what’s ahead.

Office365Mon Vision

Office365Mon was launched with one vision. Help customers be in the know and in control of their cloud resources. We will provide monitoring and alerting free for life so you know the minute your tenant has any troubles. We will stay lean, listen well and iterate fast so we can continue to provide a high quality enterprise product with features anyone can take advantage of for free. That’s the vision for Office365Mon.

A Month After Launch

We’re really humbled by the reception to Office365Mon. Leading members of Office365, SharePoint and Exchange technical community passed the word around about Office365Mon. Many of our previous customers reached out to us proactively, registered for the service and provided invaluable feedback that made the product better. We particularly thank the Office365 IT Pro Yammer Network for the great discussions and feedback.