Share-n-Dipity v 1.0

I decided it was time to start blogging when I realized how much value I was getting out of other people's blogs.  I'm a big believer in "take a penny, give a penny", so this blog will be my coin back to the community.  It's going to start out a little on the slow side as I add a few things here and there on SharePoint 2007.  We're so far into the product cycle and it's so widely adopted now that it's harder to find unique and interesting things that haven't been pretty well covered so far.  But as all you Share-n-dipitous folks know, it's a huge product and there are always nooks and crannies we run across that deserve to have a little more light shone on them.

Going forward, I've started preparing a number of different blog postings on SharePoint 2010.  For now, they all sit on my little Hyper-V farm, waiting for a build of the product to become generally available to the world.  Once that happy happy joy joy day arrives, I'll start uploading those postings to this blog.  Hopefully that will serve to help introduce you to some of the new features of the product, as well as get you through some of the learning curve a little quicker.

For now, I'll start by posting a couple of entries I had put up in the last few months on an internal blog site.  I'll do what I can to keep the momentum going, but we'll probably have a little bit of a lull until we get some new bits out there.  For now, here's my first penny.