How to query for netstat info using PowerShell

In a few earlier posts I have mentioned that machines can run out of ports, for example:

“Nested RecordSet and the port/socket in TIME_WAIT problem by example.“

Normally the idea is that you run something like this:

netstat -aonp tcp -> C:\Temp\NetstatOut.txt

from the command prompt, this will write to a file and then you manually have to count the number of ports in a particular state.

So I thought, should this be possible to do in PowerShell?

Well, it is and here is how you do it.

Start a PowerShell command prompt, then if you wish to check how many TCP ports you have in the TIME_WAIT state, then simply run the following:

$c = netstat -aonp TCP | select-string "TIME_WAIT"; $c.count

This should output number of ports in that particular state.

But why stop there (really because I wanted to get into Powershell a bit more) and not do it for some of the other states that TCP ports can be in.

Simply create a new file (C:\Temp\Netstat.ps1). In this file insert the following:

# Object to contain output

$info = new-object system.text.stringbuilder

#Time when script is executing

$currentTime = get-date -uformat '%Y.%m.%d_%H_%M_%S'

$info.AppendLine("Script ran at : " + $currentTime)

#Machine info

$OSInfo = Get-WmiObject -class Win32_OperatingSystem

$info.AppendLine("Machine info : " + $OSInfo.Caption + " " + $OSInfo.OSArchitecture + " " + $OSInfo.Version)

$info.AppendLine("`nPorts and states:")

#Loop over the states in the array, add/remove states as needed


foreach($s in $stateList)


    $c = netstat -aonp TCP | select-string $s

    if($c.count -le 0)


        $info.AppendLine("0`t" + " ports in state " + $s)




        $info.AppendLine($c.count.ToString() + "`t" + " ports in state " + $s)



$toFile = $args[0]

if($toFile -eq "NoFile")






    # Create directory if it doesn't exist and setup file for output

    $outDir = "C:\NetStatReport\"

    if((Test-Path $outDir) -eq $FALSE)


      New-Item $outDir -type directory


    # Create file and write info

    $outFile = $outDir + "PortReport_"+$currentTime+".txt"

    New-Item $outFile -type file -force

    $info.ToString() | out-file $outFile -append

    # To prompt


    "File written to :" + $outFile


And save it. Then open the Powershell command window and first navigate to where the file is:

set-location C:\Temp

Then execute the script like so:


This will create a directory (C:\NetstatReport) and then log output to a file as well as displaying the output.

If you do not want a file to be created, simply run it with.

.\netstat.ps1 NoFile

You may have to set the execution policy in order to be able to run the script. More on this here:

"Using the Set-ExecutionPolicy Cmdlet"