RedPrairie: Duane Reade sings the praises of Site Manager on SQL Server

RedPrairie has recently released a Customer Testimonial Video with Duane Reade on their experience using RedPrairie running on SQL Server. Duane Reade is a retail-chain of convenience and pharmacies located in the New York City area. It is a subsidiary of Walgreen Co.

“Using RedPrairie’s Site Manager™, Duane Reade has been able to reduce manager administration time by roughly 50% at each of our 250+ locations. The daily tasks that once took hours to perform are now at their fingertips and most are completely automated. Critical information that our managers used to spend a significant amount of time on by running generic reports is now pushed to them on one screen, prioritized, resulting in maximized productivity, efficiency and return on labor.”

- Marty Reynolds, District Manager at Duane Reade

 You may see the video here, and read more here.