MSSQLTIGER and May PASS Virtual Conferences

Tiger is delivering another session on an upcoming Performance Virtual Chapter (VC) meeting. This time the topic is about “Gems to help you troubleshoot query performance”.

What are we discussing in this session?

Query Store in SQL Server 2016 is one of the most relevant improvements for production DBAs. It introduces the concept of click-once mitigation approach to query performance regression. But that's not the sum of all enhancements in the query performance analysis and troubleshooting space introduced in SQL Server.

In this session we will learn about other enhancements that can help you troubleshoot query performance.

Ranging from xEvents to Showplan improvements, from Live Query Stats to the revised Plan Comparison tool, learn how these can help you streamline the process of troubleshooting query performance.

[Updated to include session recording: 6/2/2016] You can sign up for the session here.

This session is online at


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Pedro Lopes (@sqlpto) – Senior Program Manager