SQL 2005 Released Service Packs

Since the launch of SQL Server 2005 in November of 2005, Microsoft has publicly released the following service packs and hotfixes:

SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1

On 18th March 2006, Microsoft released the first service pack for SQL 2005.


For a list of new features included in SP1, refer to the KB article 916950


A number of known issues were fixed in SP1, as described in KB article 913090.


You can download Service Pack 1 by visiting KB 913089


Cumulative hotfix for SQL Server 2005 SP1

SQL Server 2005 SP1 includes all SQL Server 2005 hotfixes up to and including build 9.0.1530.


Cumulative hotfix package (build 2153) for SQL Server 2005 contains SQL Server 2005 hotfixes that were not included in SQL Server 2005 SP1. This build roughly corresponds to SQL Server 2005 builds 9.0.1531 through build 9.0.1540.


To install the cumulative hotfix, you need to have SP1 already installed.


You can download Cumulative Hotfix 2153 from KB article 918222



Please make sure that you install the cumulative hotfix for each component in the order specified in the KB article.


If the right order is not followed, setup might fail.


Hope you find this information useful!


POSTED BY : Sanchan Saxena