Master Data Services Portal on MSDN

Master Data Services portal page is now live on MSDN!

This portal  presents information about MDS from many different sources, including Microsoft, third-party, and community contributions. The following table outlines the kind of information we’re sharing with users on the page:



Getting Started

Features links to introduce customers to MDS, help them find information to learn about MDS, and to troubleshoot issues they have with MDS.


Features feed items from an MDS-specific feed that we can easily update with new items to highlight for MDS users.


Contains several tabs of information including Articles and Whitepapers, Books, Documentation, Knowledge Base, Videos, and Samples.

Related Products and Technologies

Contains links to pages about other products and technologies that integrate or are useful to understand when working with MDS.


Contains links to pertinent downloads for MDS users.

In the Spotlight

Takes a specific area or item and gives it a prominent location on the page for easy access. For the first iteration of this page, I’ve chosen the MSDev video series. In the future, we can work with MVPs and partners to highlight them and their contributions to the MDS community, such as books, whitepapers, and so on.

Team and Community Blogs

Populated by a feed that is maintained by MSCOM and setup with some useful blogs I’ve come across recently. This section rewards bloggers who blog about MDS by displaying only the latest four blog entries in the feed. The entire list of blogs is available by clicking the OPML link next to the heading to access other blogs that may have fallen off the list due to inactivity in the MDS realm.


Contains links to our current forum, and to the archived forum.