PowerPivot (NOV CTP) for Excel 2010 (Beta) Now Available


SQL Server PowerPivot is an innovative data analysis technology that redefines how organizations apply and succeed with BI. IT managers can deliver corporate BI solutions and also establish a managed BI collaboration environment that gives business users the power to get the answers they need to make decisions on their own, facilitates information sharing and collaboration on user-generated BI solutions, and enables the IT department to manage user-generated BI solutions with increased operational efficiency.

SQL Server PowerPivot changes the game of BI by satisfying user needs, IT needs, and business needs in new and compelling ways. Users can drill into any aspect of their business and gain deeper insight on their own. IT can proactively manage the user-generated BI solutions. The business benefits through maximized use of IT investments, higher productivity, increased agility, and better, faster, more relevant decisions overall.

DownloadPowerPivot for Excel & Office 2010 BETA

Learn about PowerPivot for Excel 2010 from www.powerpivot.com