SQL Server as a Service/ SQL Server Private Cloud Offering


Recently I have been presenting around Australia about implementing SQL Server as a Service, also referred to as SQL Server Private cloud. Post the presntations I was requested to make available resources to help you in implementing such a environment. As such I have made the slides we used for the Platform briefing available at the following link -  http://cid-895a9e8d1c0f1cd0.office.live.com/view.aspx/Presentations/SQL%20as%20a%20service%5E_Final1.1%5E_ExtReady.pptx

In addition to the slides I presented a new guide has been made available based on the framework that is used by Microsoft Consulting Services to deliver virtualisation based solutions. This guide outlines the major considerations that must be taken into account when onboarding Microsoft SQL Server environments into a private cloud infrastructure based on virtualisation.

You can download the complete whitepaper here: http://download.microsoft.com/download/7/A/3/7A3278D7-C660-4DFB-91FD-0414E3E0E022/Onboarding_SQL_Server_Private_Cloud_Environments.docx

A SQL Server as a service/private cloud offering helps in optimising your existing SQL Server environment by reducing total costs of ownership and improves the agility for business solutions that require database platforms.