Early technical preview of Microsoft Drivers 4.0.7 for PHP on Linux for SQL Server Released!

Dear PHP Community,

We are excited to announce that PECL packages for Linux SQLSRV and PDO_SQLSRV drivers (4.0.7) are available. You can also find pre-compiled binaries (4.0.7) with PHP 7.0.13 for Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 16.04, and RedHat 7 here.

Here is a summary of the bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed string truncation error when inserting long strings.
  • Fixed querying from large column name.
  • Fixed issue with trailing garbled characters in string retrieval.
  • Fixed issue with detecting invalid UTF-16 strings coming from server.
  • Fixed issues with binding input text, ntext, and image parameters.
  • Ported buffered cursor to Linux.
  • Note: SQLSRV_ENC_CHAR only supports ASCII characters (ASCII code 0 to127).


Going forward we plan to expand SQL 16 Feature Support (example: Always Encrypted), build verification/fundamental tests and bug fixes.

Getting the Preview Refresh

You can find the latest bits on our  Github repository , or via PECL . We provide limited support while in preview on our Github Issues page. As always, we welcome contributions of any kind – Pull Requests, or Feature Enhancements. I’d like to thank everyone on behalf of the team for supporting us in our endeavors to provide you with a high-quality driver. Happy downloading!

Meet Bhagdev (meetb@microsoft.com)