Some help with Report Builder 2.0 ClickOnce

While Service Pack 1 for SQL Server 2008 did add support for Report Builder 2.0 ClickOnce, not all of the instructions have made it online yet. The following should help users get going until the online content has all been published.

Report Builder 2.0 is made available in three ways:

1. Standalone .MSI
See existing download page .

2. Native mode ClickOnce deployment:
If you are using SQL Server 2008 SP1 in native mode, you simply change the "Custom Action URL" given in the Site Settings page to /ReportBuilder/ReportBuilder_2_0_0_0.application

3. Sharepoint mode ClickOnce deployment:
After you have installed the updated Sharepoint add-in bits, following the directions in the readme to change the Custom Action URL to /_vti_bin/ReportBuilder/ReportBuilder_2_0_0_0.application will change the default Report Builder link on your Sharepoint site to RB2.

By using the Custom Action URL for Report Builder 2 in ClickOnce mode, we allow users to keep using Report Builder 1.0 or any other ClickOnce tool if they wish.

Things to note:

1. ClickOnce install packs include all available languages, the one used at runtime being determined by the client's display language.
2. Client machines need .NET 3.5 SP1 to run the RB2 ClickOnce package.
3. The next update for SQL Server Books Online will include more information on these topics and should be available soon..