RC of SQL Server Hosting Toolkit released!

Hey folks.  This week we posted the Release Candidate for the SQL Server Hosting Toolkit to the web!  This includes both the Database Publishing Wizard and the Database Publishing Services.

New in this release:

- Integration into Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Web Developer Express 2005. You can now right-click on a database in the VS Server Explorer and select “Publish to provider”!

- Full support for SQL 2000 as a source database

- Coverage of all object types

- Support for integrating sqlpubwiz.exe into hoster automation. This change was based on feedback from hosters on how they want to provide database download services.

Looking forward, we plan to officially RTW in 8 languages in mid January.

Also, last night Scott Guthrie posted a great tutorial on using the Database Publishing Wizard to deploy a database to a hoster that hasn't yet adopted the Database Publishing Services.