In-Memory OLTP Performance Demo Available for Download

In-Memory OLTP is a performance feature available in SQL Server (since 2014) and Azure SQL Database (currently in preview). With the memory-optimized tables, memory-optimized table types, and natively compiled stored procedures that are all introduced by In-Memory OLTP you can get great performance improvements in transactional applications.

To demonstrate the performance of In-Memory OLTP we typically compare the SQL Server performance before and after applying In-Memory OLTP. In various videos you may have seen the following application used to demo In-Memory OLTP performance:


We have had requests from various folks who wanted to get a hold of this demo to see how it performs in their environment, and to show it to others.

We have now made this demo available for everyone to download and give it a try. The released version of the demo, including binaries and easy setup scripts, is available at:


To get started, download the zip file and follow the steps in the readme that is included with the release. Configuration parameters can be changed through the Configuration Settings, which are accessed through the Options menu in the application.

The source code of the demo is available through the SQL Server Samples GitHub repository.


Give the demo a try, and let us know any feedback!