Top 5 relational data warehouse performance improvements you would like to see in next version of SQL Server

Hello Everyone,

We are currently looking at top performance issues for various workloads and how we can improve those in next version of SQL Server. We are collecting feedback from various customer sources. I would like to extend an invitation to readers here for feedback on top 5 relational data warehouse performance improvements you would like to see in SQL Server.

Please bear the following in mind:

1. Briefly describe the relational data warehouse workload or scenario or application. More details you can provide for us the better.

2. Prioritize the list of performance improvements in order of importance or impact to your workload. You can also just highlight the top 5 performance problems with running your relational data warehouse workload in SQL Server

3. Feel free to suggest any feature(s) that will help in improving the performance of the particular data warehouse workload or scenario

I will consolidate the feedback and post summary version of it as a link in this post.