3rd party filters for ISA Server 2004 : Collective Software WebDirect

Collective Software WebDirect (http://www.collectivesoftware.com/Products/)

WebDirect enables Microsoft® ISA Server 2004 to issue HTTP and HTTPS redirects . With WebDirect you can write ISA Server 2004 web publishing rules that redirect browsers to some other internal address, or anywhere on the internet.

One popular use of WebDirect is to automatically correct all requests for a particular server from HTTP to HTTPS. This way your remote users don't have to remember to type 'https://' and your connections remain secure. This type of usability enhancement is important in many publishing scenarios, including Sharepoint deployment.

WebDirect works hand-in-hand with the built-in ISA Server 2004 web publishing features. If you already know how to configure ISA Server 2004 rules then you're just one step away from HTTP redirects. WebDirect adds a tab to the web publishing properties that allows you to specify where the rule should redirect, what protocol to use, and how to treat the incoming URL path.

WebDirect is designed to work with both ISA Server 2004 2004 Standard and Enterprise Editions. For installation information on Enterprise, see the Getting Started guide below.

 Download Webdirect's fully functional demo : http://www.collectivesoftware.com/Downloads#WebDirect

Collective Software WebCompress

WebCompress is an add-in for Microsoft® ISA Server 2004 that enables automatic GZIP compression of HTTP transfers

Collective Software WebCensor

WebCensor is an HTTP Filter for Microsoft® ISA Server 2004 that gives you direct control over the HTML content that comes into your enterprise. Shield your users from pop-up windows, block Flash advertisements, disable scripting from untrusted sites, and much more!

Collective Software LinkMinder

LinkMinder is the fastest, most reliable way to automatically place icons, disclaimers, or warnings on your web sites' external links. Many organizations have a legal obligation to warn users that links to third-party sites will lead away from the site, and to disclaim responsibility for the content of those sites.

LinkMinder is an HTTP Filter for Microsoft® ISA Server 2004 that watches the HTML content published through the ISA Server 204 and automatically detects externally-facing third-party links. Choose from several popular approaches to link management, such as annotating external links with a special icon or displaying a pop-up warning message before a user navigates through the link.