Mise a jour des guides d installation pas a pas de NAP pour Windows Server 2008 RTM

Les guides d’installation pas à pas de NAP (Network Access Protection) viennent d'être mis à jour pour la RTM de Windows Server 2008

• The NAP wizard is used to configure policies.
• Group Policy is used to configure client settings.
• Security Center mistake corrected (GP setting is to turn on the UI, not the service).
• IPsec guide has an optional procedure to configure HRA servers using SRV records.
• IPsec guide uses SSL now.
• Some minor changes to procedures vs. Beta3.

Step-by-Step Guide: Demonstrate IPsec NAP Enforcement in a Test Lab

Step-by-Step Guide: Demonstrate 802.1X NAP Enforcement in a Test Lab

Step-by-Step Guide: Demonstrate VPN NAP Enforcement in a Test Lab

Step-by-Step Guide: Demonstrate DHCP NAP Enforcement in a Test Lab