MSDN Webcast: Digital Blackbelt Series: The Software Security Crisis: Selling Management on the Need to Invest in Secure Software Development

Everyone knows that software security is a problem, a concern, and a challenge - especially software professionals. Why, then are so many companies still victims of Mal-Tech (Criminal Techie) attacks? In large part it is because companies still don't want to invest in the time and training it takes to build and run secure software. In this session you'll get the ammunition you need to convince management that they can save money by spending defensively and you'll learn about the evolving "Secure Culture" at Microsoft Corporation. You won't want to miss this introduction to the MSDN Digital Black Belt Series as it sets the baseline vocabulary for the sessions to come.

Presenter: Joe Stagner, Developer Community Champion, Microsoft Corporation

Joe Stagner joined Microsoft in 2001 as a Technical Evangelist and is now a Developer Community Champion with the Microsoft MSDN Team. His development experiences have afforded him the opportunity to create commercial software applications across a wide diversity of technical platforms from Mainframes, through UNIX and Linux, to Microsoft Technologies on the Intel and Mobile computing platforms. In recent years, Joe has been focused on Highly-Performant, Geoscalable, Web application architectures, multi-platform interoperability, and writing secure code.