Nouvelle version de l outil ISABPA

L'équipe "ISA Server Sustained Engineering Team" vient d'annoncer la sortie de la version 6 de l'outil Microsoft ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool (IsaBPA V6)

Quoi de nouveau sur cette version 6 :
- Support for future versions of ISA Server – In addition to supporting ISA Server 2004 / 2006, IsaBPA will work with versions of ISA Server which are planned to be released through 2008-2009.

- BPA2Visio –BPA2Visio tool generates Visio network diagrams. Previous BPA2Visio releases required the XML input file, installation of Visio 2003 / 2007, and ISA Server installation. This release removes the last requirement.  In addition, parts of the new BPA2Visio were rewritten as a more generic framework, to support adaptation by non-ISA teams.

- ISA Data Packager (IDP) – IDP collects static and dynamic information needed for ISA troubleshooting. Previous versions of IDP required domain membership; this version adds partial support for workgroups. IAG Support – IDP can help troubleshoot IAG issues. In addition to collecting Windows and ISA logs, IDP also collects values of IAG-specific registry keys, files etc.

- New Checks – We added to IsaBPA 15+ new rules. More than 1000 settings are currently checked, and they are compared against 229 rules. The focus of this release was targeting (1) NLB-related issues; (2) issues related to 3rd party software. This new suite joins Hardware, OS, Authentication, OWA, SSL Certificates, Site-to-site VPN with IPsec, WPLB, Branch Office and logging suites that were introduced in previous versions of IsaBPA.

- More documentation –IsaBPA help file has been augmented to over 100 pages. You can easily find information about how to operate IsaBPA, information about specific checks, and how to fix issues that IsaBPA has detected.

- SQM support – we added to IsaBPA SQM (also known as CEIP) support. In future releases we will have a better idea about how IsaBPA is used, and we will use this data to improve IsaBPA (and ISA!) further.

- Bug fixes – We fixed several bugs and issues that were discovered in previous versions.

IsaBPAv6 est disponible en téléchargement sur

L'outil nécessite le .NET Framework 1.1 ou plus