[Limited Preview] Troubleshooting Backup/Restore failures when using Azure Files Backup

Azure File Backup (for backing up Azure Files Share) is currently in Limited Preview release. To sign up for this limited preview, send mail to askazurebackupteam AT microsoft DOT com with your Subscription Id.

To troubleshoot common issues related to Azure File Backup refer to the symptoms and recommendations listed below.  If your issue is not addressed in this article, post your query to our Azure Backup forum.

Cannot find storage account to proceed

  • Wait till discovery operation is complete.
  • Check if the storage account  is registered with another vault.

Inquiry failed after registration and cannot find file-shares

  • Please make sure that storage account registered with the vault exists (not been deleted after registering)
  • Please make sure that the storage account is a normal storage account and not a premium storage account or ZRS storage account. You can open the storage account in portal and make sure it supports creation of file-shares. If not, then inquiry is expected to fail.

Cannot find file-share to protect

  • Make sure it is not already protected in the same vault.

Configure protection fails

  • Make sure the file-share exists (for more information, see job details for the error).
  • Another not so common reason for you to encounter this issue would be, If you had tried configure-protection on a LOT (ex. >= 20) of file-shares at once, then please retry for the failed file-shares.

Unable to delete file-share even after disabling protection of the file-share

  • It takes 48 hours for our service to clean-up all the snapshots taken while the file-share was protected. So please wait for 48 hours after deleting the file-share.

Restore of some of the files failed and the job “completed with warnings”

  • The list of files for which restore failed will be available in the file-share. Its path can be found in restore job details.

Restore failed with “destination share is locked”

  • You cannot have multiple restore operations to the same file-share running concurrently. One of them will fail. Please wait for the operation currently in progress and retry.

Backup is not getting triggered at same time after the day-light savings kicked in

  • This is a known issue, and we are working on resolve it (as a workaround, you can modify protection with a new policy).