Occasional blog posts and Visual Sudoku

Even though I've been a part of my team at Microsoft only for a couple of months, I've already picked up a reputation of being the 'blogging guy'. In a way, I'm the Scoble of my team (sans the thousands of readers and the fan following of course :-) ).

One of the people I nag constantly about blogging is the director of DevTools here at the IDC, Paramesh Vaidyanathan. When he makes one of his seasonal blog posts, it sure is a big event.:-)

 So without further ado, head on over to his blog to read about VSD, VSTS, J# and all the other super cool stuff that we do here at DevTools in the India Development Center (though we don't do Visual Sudoku..yet ;-) ).

Hint - I'm one of the people he's referring to in the first para