Tips to resolve Queue related issues:

Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Queuing System:

The following article describes the Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Queuing System, which is a new, key feature in this version of Project Server. The article provides an overview of the Queuing System, the queuing process and architecture, the methods in which queuing jobs are grouped, states that queuing jobs can be in, and how to manage queuing through the Microsoft Office Project Web Access user interface.

 --Analyse the job's Type & State which are pending in the Queue, next action should be according to the same.

--Need to check all the jobs are stuck or particular type of jobs.

--Good to check whether the pending is project specific or server specific.

Steps:: (Waiting to be processed)

1. Stop and start the Project services & Timer service

2. Go back in History and find out any job which is in "Getting Queued", cancel it and check the behaviour.

3. Ensure project server Time and SQL server time are same.

Steps:: (Failed But Not Blocking Correlation)

4. Skip the first step 

5. Analyse the error details, work accordingly.


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