Watch these videos of Juneau in action!

SQL Server Developer Tools, codename 'Juneau" has been presented to various audiences in multiple events recently. Here's a list of all the videos for your viewing pleasure!

NEW: TechEd North America 2011

Mark Wilson-Thomas was interviewed during TechEd and talked about the value proposition of Juneau.

In this demo, Bill Gibson and Mark Wilson-Thomas describe how to build SQL Server databases using Juneau without leaving Visual Studio. 

In another demo, Sarah McDevitt and Adi Unnithan show how Juneau integrates with existing .NET applications via Entity Framework.

TechEd Europe 2010

Lance Delano, our GPM, presented this demo showcasing Juneau's integration with the application development environment.

10 minutes into this talk of SQL Azure, Lance gave you a step-by-step demonstration of creating and deploying a database project to SQL Azure using Juneau. 


In this keynote by Quentin Clark, Don Box shows how you can use Juneau to edit both a live database and a offline database project, as well as our publishing story. 

A full hour demo of Juneau by Don Box should be up in the SQL PASS website in a few days. If you have registered for the event, you can sign in, view the video and download the PowerPoint deck. Stay tuned as I update this blog post to include a direct link to the talk.

Update on 12/10/2010: The Don Box 1-hour demo is now live at the SQL PASS website. Per their instruction, if you have registered as an attendee, login here with your registered email address and password PASS2010. Then, go here and click the purple View button at the bottom.

We look forward to your feedback for these videos, or our product in general. You can either leave a comment here, or visit our forum. Thanks a lot!

Tiffena Kou, Technical Writer of the Juneau team