January 13, 2011 News Thursday: WebMatrix RTM, Windows Azure PHP tool Updates, and more Server and Tools News

Microsoft announces the release of WebMatrix

Today, Microsoft announced the worldwide availability of WebMatrix, a free set of tools designed to help website developers of all skill levels easily create, customize and publish websites to the internet. It is available in nine languages and includes tools to create new websites using either code provided through a variety of available templates, or using existing free open source Web applications like Wordpress, Joomla, Umbraco, DotNetNuke, and others. Microsoft has also made available a set of video tutorials, how-to tips and other resources for helping new Web developers get started.

For more information please visit www.microsoft.com/web/webmatrix.

Windows Azure PHP tools updates now available

Microsoft recently announced Windows Azure PHP tool updates, as a follow-up to the Windows Azure SDK 1.3 that was updated this past fall. These tools allow PHP developers to develop and deploy applications for Windows Azure. The following Windows Azure PHP tools have been updated:

· Windows Azure Command-line Tools for PHP

· Windows Azure Companion

· Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse/PHP

For more information about this news and to view updated tutorials, please visit the interoperability @ Microsoft blog.

Server and Tools products named InfoWorld Technology Products of the Year

InfoWorld has announced the results of their 2011 Technology of the Year Awards, with two STB products named winners, including:  

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (Best IDE)
  • Microsoft Silverlight 4 (Best RIA Platform)

Winners of the annual Technology of the Year Awards are chosen by InfoWorld editors and reviewers who recognize the most outstanding products that their labs team tested during the prior calendar year.

For more information about the awards visit the InfoWorld feature, or view the slideshow about each technology.

Dollar Thrifty Auto Group moves its top-tier business application from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server

In just four months, Dollar Thrifty Auto Group (DTAG) migrated its first, top-tier business application from Oracle to a Microsoft data management solution, a strategic move that supports the company’s goal to standardize on high-value, cost-effective technologies. Following a trouble-free summer season in 2010, DTAG’s firsthand experience of the improved performance, reliability, and reduced costs of a Microsoft database management system proved to management that SQL Server is a viable alternative to Oracle. “When we asked our key vendors to help us become more efficient within our IT operations, Microsoft was very responsive. They showed thought leadership and a willingness to find ways of reducing our costs. Rick Morris, Chief Information Officer, Dollar Thrifty Auto Group. DTAG achieved a 100 percent return on investment in one year.

For more information about how Dollar Thrifty Auto Group accomplished the migration and the learning that they had, please see the case study .

BizIntelligence.TV  “Think Big. Think Broad. Think BI in 2020”

Today Microsoft announced BizIntelligence.TV (BITV), a weekly program that focuses on business analytics and performance. The show provides great stories and best practices on BI and Analytics. Highlights this week include, where BI TV will be in 2011, who they’re interviewing: guests include Dr. Robert Kaplan (Balanced Scorecard Creator), Brett King (No.1 Best Selling Author Bank 2.0) as well as interviews from CIO’s from Tesco, The Mandarin Hotel, and Microsoft thought leaders such as Kevin Turner. They also have a new LinkedIn Group and weekly Polls, where you can engage and drive not only today's Business Intelligence conversation but also tomorrows.


For more information, watch “Think Big. Think Broad. Think BI in 2020.” Subscribe to the BI TV blog, join the LinkedIn group, and follow the conversation about the Future of BI on the BI TV Group.