Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie Announces the Release of Silverlight 2

Just over one year ago Silverlight debuted to the world - today, one in four consumers worldwide has access to a computer with Silverlight. Building on this fast-paced, historical success, Microsoft is releasing Silverlight 2, and the developments and innovations - as well as Silverlight adoption by companies like CBS College Sports, Blockbuster and more - are all further evidence that Silverlight is the industry’s choice for the creation and delivery of dynamic applications and interactive Web media.


What’s new? Silverlight 2 continues to exceed industry standards by re-affirming its commitment to openness and standards through supporting a new open-source Eclipse project. Created by France-based IT solutions provider Soyatec, the project is designed to integrate advanced Silverlight development capabilities into the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE), further increasing interoperability and allowing more choice and flexibility for delivering audio and video via the Web across different platforms and operating systems. Additionally, Silverlight 2 is chalk-full of great new features that will enable developers and designers to create even more stunning Web experiences for their customers.


To find out more about Silverlight 2, Eclipse open-source and Silverlight’s latest customers, please visit the Silverlight Virtual Press Room.