Reblog: Find Database Sizes With Operations Manager

Source: Thomas LaRock

Thomas LaRock has published a SQL query I had not seen before, about finding the OpsMgr Database Sizes. Could be handy to know.

[Thomas LaRock] “I was asked last week if  knew a query that would return the size of the databases that have been discovered by Operations Manager. I went about digging through some old queries I put together and found the information thatw as requested.

Inside the OperationsManager database look for a view named MTV_Database. All discovered databases will be there. There should be a column for DatabaseSize, but the column will have a GUID at the end of the name.

Now, I forget where I found it, but a while back I came across one of the view definitions that helped me to return a lot of other information, such as SQL version. The view that has SQL version is named MTV_DBEngine, but in order to join the MTV_Database to the MTV_DBEngine I needed to add in a handful of relationship tables and filter on the BaseManagedTypeID. I was going mad trying to make everything work until I found that specific view definition and I don’t recall which one it is, but what I do have is the end result which I can share (your GUIDs will be different, I imagine):”

Read more at source.

Time to at this new query to your OneNote SQL database queries, just like I did ;-)