October 2012 Release of MFCMAPI and MrMAPI

The (very late) October 2012 Release (build is live: http://mfcmapi.codeplex.com.

As part of my work to get MFCMAPI and MrMAPI working well in side-by-side scenarios where both Outlook 2013 and an earlier version of Outlook are installed, I’ve added a –version switch to MrMAPI. This will help us ship builds of OCAT that work properly in these situations

Here's a change list - see the Issue Tracker on Codeplex for more details, or look at the code:

  • MrMAPI: Added –version switch.
  • MFCMAPI: Corrected column name in mailbox table
  • MFCMAPI: Fix blank headers when headers are dragged around.
  • MFCMAPI: Corrected an unnecessary crash in an Outlook+EMS (unsupported) scenario
  • MFCMAPI: Updated a number of flags, tags, and dispids