File under: "You've got to be kidding!"

Today I upgraded the brain on my i-mate K-JAM. Which, of course, requires a hard reset, meaning that I get to spend a relaxing day re-installing and configuring all my applications. Usually when I do this (too frequently, it seems) I browse around for new and improved software.

While perusing for updated travel-related software, I stumbled across something that's incredibly funny and woefully tragic at the same time. You gotta check this out, if only for comic relief!

2004 Terrorism Survival Bundle 3.0
Don't be caught unprepared in the case of another terrorism attack. The 2004 Terrorism Survival Bundle includes:

    • Terrorism travel planner - international
    • Terrorism travel planner - USA
    • Terrorism survival plan database
    • Terrorism survival response database

I especially enjoyed the list of less common international threats: children, driving, food, kidnappings, landmines, missiles, piracy, soft targets, and vehicle explosions! How are children threatening?