Professional SharePoint Cloud-Based Solutions Ships!


As many of you know, I’ve been playing in the SharePoint and Cloud sandbox for quite some time now. In my latest book adventure, I managed to find 3 friends to come along for the ride: Paul Stubbs, Donovan Follette and Girish Raja. The book, Professional SharePoint Cloud-Based Solutions, which you can get here, provides you with a glimpse into how you can build a number of different types of cloud-based solutions that integrate in some way with Microsoft SharePoint.

This book explores a number of Microsoft and 3rd Party cloud technologies such as Windows Azure, Microsoft CRM, Twitter, Linked In, Yahoo Pipes, and Bing Services. The goal of the book is to show you how you can more tightly integrate cloud technologies into your core SharePoint applications. For example, integrate Bing Maps into web parts that expose customer list data graphically on a map, or extend your social profiles to integrate with Linked In. With many developers moving to the cloud to build integrated solutions, this book provides a three-step approach to showing you how you can build your own cloud-based solutions:

1. Describes the cloud technology and answers the question of why you’d want to use it;

2. Provides a high-level architecture to show how the cloud technology integrates with SharePoint; and

3. Walks through the code and prescriptive guidance to show you how to create the cloud-based solution.

As with any book I’m a part of, I hope you get some practical use out of it. The Cloud is an extremely important topic for the entire IT industry, and it’ll continue to become more relevant for developers to understand what they can do in the cloud and how they can practically engage in building cloud-based solutions of all types.

Thanks to Paul, Donovan and Girish on what was great collaboration on the book.