How can I get hold of Windows Vista Beta software? How much is TechNet Plus?

Following my post about recent builds of Windows Vista I received a comment from hir8er pertaining to frustration about the cost or difficulty of getting hold of the Beta software.

This is the only blog post I've written over the last couple of years where I mention the price of anything or "push a product" BUT in this case a TechNet Plus subscription may be of interest - it entitles the subscriber to full access to full versions of Microsoft's infrastructure software INCLUDING Betas.

The TechNet price list specifies that you could use a TechNet Plus Single User subscription which will cost $499 per user per year. Standard TechNet costs $355.

What do you get for your money? What is the difference between TechNet Standard and TechNet Plus? Why pay for a TechNet subscription? Details of what you get for your money are located here. I've cut 'n' pasted the following summary from the site:

The TechNet Standard Subscription delivers:
• How-to information including the Microsoft Knowledge Base, Service Packs, Security Updates, and Resource Kits.

• Access to Online Concierge for live help from a Microsoft Online Assistant, who will help you pinpoint technical content on your subscription media, the Microsoft Knowledge Base, and other Microsoft online resources.2

Subscribe to TechNet Plus and you will also receive:
• New! Full-version software licensed for evaluation purposes. Includes Microsoft Office System and Windows Server System software.1

• New! Enhanced support options including two complimentary technical support incidents to help you resolve mission-critical system issues.2

• New! A 20% discount on additional phone support for supported Microsoft software.3

• Unlimited Managed Newsgroup support. Post your technical questions in over 100 public newsgroups.2

• Beta software. Get pre-release versions of Microsoft software to keep up to date on the latest technologies.