Thanks to everyone who joined our Blogging Session last night

Eileen and I thoroughly enjoyed explaining and demonstrating the various aspects of blogging.

Eileen posted an entry earlier today containing all of the links to sites and tools used last night.

I showed you how to set up a blog and post on MSN Spaces, Blogger, Text America and Community Server and also how to post directly from my mobile telephone (known as Moblogging).

It's great to see that some of you have already started blogging since we met you last night. Here's Mark Riley's Blog which is one of the first new ones I saw following the session - why not browse to his blog and add a comment to spur him on.

BTW. I enjoyed seeing the lights come on around the room as we demonstrated the power of Technorati - enabling you to search the index of most popular blog topics :-)

For those who stayed until after 9pm I also demonstrated how to record a BlogCast (short to the point webcast where you actually SHOW how to do something). I downloaded Windows Media Encoder (for free), set it up to record everything that was displayed on the screen and all audio & proceeded to demonstrate something on my system. Afterwards I ceased recording, saved the file and was read to post the resulting .wmv file to my web server & link to it from my blog. If you'd like somewhere to post your blogcasts then I suggest trying The BlogCast Repository - it's free too. To see an example BlogCast try this one (showing IE 7) or this wireless security blogcast - it shows you how to lock down your home wireless network

Have a great weekend everyone & let us know how you get on by posting comments.