*chirp: A WPF Client for Twitter (at last)


I couldn’t have hoped for anyone better than Thirteen23 to come up with a WPF Twitter client. Over the last few years they have produced some of the most visually stunning Windows applications using WPF.

Today they released *chirp and though it misses a few key features I enjoy from Twhirl, it’s bodes well to supplant that AIR app on my desktop. Some of the animations are beautiful – particularly the text entry window with character count (left screenshot above).

So what are those few additions I would love to see

  1. Ability to change colour scheme
  2. Short URL integration
  3. Font control (size/typeface)
  4. Mesh enabled to exist across multiple devices seamlessly :)

The last one is a big ask but hopefully the first 3 should be relatively easy (says the non coder) and I’ll be a full time *chirp user in no time.

thanks guys…I love it