Killer artwork of The Killers


I remember having to do a detention essay back in school when I was 16 on pointillism…it was boring. I can’t tell you the reason for the detention…far too cheeky I was…but it’s no longer boring.

The Killers IE9 website was art in itself but now I may have another reason to bolster my fledgling art collection. Oooh, is it Christmas?

Paul Normansell is the man behind the album cover for The Killer’s latest album, Day and Age which won him critical acclaim from Rolling Stone who voted it the best album cover of the year. I’d never really taken that much notice until I heard a limited edition collection of the cover and band portraits was being issued to commemorate the anniversary of the album’s release. I did a little digging…


When you look a little closer at Normansell’s work, you can see there is huge attention to detail. Check out the techniques section of his site and you’ll see why his work has attracted so much attention as his use of dots to create a final image can take weeks. The work has led to some impressive assignments, most famously with Kate Moss. Needless to say, that work is sold out.

As of late last week though, this new series went on release. It’s officially endorsed by the Killers and the work is available in an traditional paper serigraph or aluminium serigraph. Best of all, they’re all authenticated, numbered, and signed by Normansell which makes them even more collectable.