Microsoft at Web 2.0 Berlin

I'm typing this from the front row of the keynote room sat next to the Mac toting cognoscenti. I'm waiting for Blaise Aguera Y Arcas to come and strut his Photosynth stuff but let's cut to the chase - we should have a bigger presence here.

Especially as our Software + Services story is coming together and given the Live announcements yesterday, Facebook deal last week etc. I've also sensed a decline in the cynicism towards Microsoft and the suggestion that we don't "get" this new world. Sure, we have a long way to go as Ina Fried suggests, we're a toddler that's starting to walk. It's not a bad analogy and as Tim said, we are quite persistent (e.g. XBOX). 

Anyway, I'd say definitely expect to see us here in force next year. Neil Holloway and I learnt a tonne of stuff that will be piped back in to the company. We had a great chat with Tim and his team and that alone makes me think we HAVE to be here more. If nothing else, we can balance on the Mac to PC ratio :)

Oh and Jen....Barcelona gets my vote for next year!

ps - Blaise runs his demos on a glowing Dell XPS for those interested.