Looking forward to OOPSLA

I work as an Architect in the Enterprise Frameworks and Tools group within Visual Studio. My immediate colleagues include Keith Short, Jack Greenfield, Stuart Kent, Alan Wills and Gareth Jones. We’re all working hard on making the Software Factories vision a reality.

In a couple of weeks I shall be at OOPSLA, where I am helping to give a tutorial on Using Domain Specific Languages, Patterns, Frameworks and Tools to assemble Applications, and also appearing in a panel session about MDA. Microsoft has a lot going on at OOPSLA this year.

It’ll be fun returning to OOPSLA – I went to the first one in Portland in 1985 during my Smalltalk love affair, and saw a great talk by Alan Kay, who is giving his Turing Lecture at OOPSLA this year. I’m also looking forward to meeting up with old friends from my IBM days and before.