Cool new Surface Pro Bluetooth Keyboard from Brydge

Hi All

I just picked a Brydge keyboard for Surface Pro. I use it with my Surface Pro 4 mainly as I often use the tablet to work on my lap on the couch. For that sort of scenario it really enhances the Surface Pro usability. It is a Bluetooth keyboard that is supposed to have 3 months battery life. My initial experience is that the usability is phenomenal despite being connected over Bluetooth. I am typing this blog with the keyboard.

The device is a fair bit heavier then the typical type cover so that is a factor for those looking at a light device. For me weight isn't a factor, but usability is the key driver. I find the key press depth is great and feels like a really solid keyboard. It is also pretty good for typing in a meeting, as key presses as quite quiet. I am also finding the mouse pad quite nice as well. The other thing I have liked is the gesture support in the track pad, there are about 6 gestures you can use.

The main advantage is of course the hinge and lappability. The device slides into a hinge that is pretty robust and has a 160 degree turn capability. You can even squiz the hands holding the Surface if you want a tighter grab on the device. It's basically held with pressure from the device clips that have a rubber inner and basically grips the surface screen. I am finding the contact point does the job really well. It also looks really smart, in fact most people double take when they look at the device not realising it is a Surface but looks like a kewl HP or Mac book .

If you want to know more check out the brydge links below:


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