A Stroll Through Node: Creating a Facial Recognition App via 3rd Party APIs

This is the final post in the series, 'A Stroll Through Node'.

Often times we want to bring in some cool functionality to our apps, but we don't have the time or resources to implement those things. Facial recgontion is an interesting functionality that could require some work to get right. However, with 3rd Party API's we can add this complex functionality with ease.

In this walk-through we will use SkyBiometry, a facial recognition API that can be integrated to our Node.js application.

Find the full source code here.

Note: This walk-through uses Node tools for Visual Studio which is free and can be found hereVisual Studio is a free IDE which can help you create websites more easily. However, you don't need Visual Studio for this guide and you can do all the steps on any machine (mac,windows,Linux) by installing node here and just using a text editor and the command line.


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