Build 2014 Registration is Now Open

Last month we announced that Build 2014 will be back at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, April 2 – 4.  Hopefully you’ve saved the date on your calendar, because registration is now open at

Build is our premier developer event, targeted at people who want to create experiences that span PC, tablet, phone, console, server, and cloud, and at this year’s event we will share what is coming for Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Windows Server, Xbox, Visual Studio and more. Perhaps even more importantly, we’ll be talking about what Microsoft is doing to protect your technology investments, regardless of their form: tools, skills, language preferences, code, and apps, to name a few. One of the key ways we’ll do this is through client platform convergence around a common core – spanning the application platform, browser platform, apps, and APIs – in a way that makes it easy to reuse your skills and existing code .   This means it will be much easier to build one app for all Windows devices while at the same time having the ability to take advantage of device-specific capabilities across form factors, screen sizes, and local hardware functionality.

We’re excited to share our progress and how the strategy is continuing to evolve, creating even greater efficiencies and of course, opportunity, which is what Build is all about.

We’ll share more in the coming months, but know that Build is a can’t miss event for anyone who wants first hand access to what’s coming next from Microsoft.

Get yourself registered today!