Pichit.me and Office 365 come together to make a hit

I love PowerPoint – I really do. There are few tools that empower storytellers to communicate as effectively as PowerPoint can. What I don’t love is the headache of having to find the things that make a PowerPoint presentation visually engaging. Finding the right picture to communicate a concept or point isn’t just time consuming…it’s risky. Grab the wrong image off of the web and you can get into hot water over copyrights.

Which is why Pichit.me is a life saver. If you need photos for your latest deck, you can sign up for Pichit.me and immediately search their robust photo market for just the right image. If you can’t find a photo that is quite right…all you need to do is ask. With Pichit.me’s community of freelance photographers constantly looking to fulfill requests, you might just get it, and sooner than you think. And you don’t have to worry about managing copyrights…it’s already covered.

Back to PowerPoint for a moment. In the past, when you wanted an image for your presentation, you’d have to go to a photography website, browse for a picture, go through a checkout process, review the copyright terms, download the image and then paste it into your presentation. Pretty tedious.

Which is why Pichit.me, in partnership with Microsoft, makes life so much easier. Through the power of Azure and Office 365 and direct integration into Office via the O365 APIs, PowerPoint users can acquire and place imagery from Pichit.me, without ever leaving an application.

But there’s still the challenge of finding the right image – where to start? Your bases are covered here, as well. Using Microsoft’s machine learning systems in Microsoft Azure, Pichit.me has created the ability to recommend photos, based on the content in your presentation, from within the presentation. Here are some examples of how it works:

 And the experience is going to get even better given some great news regarding Pichit.me’s app experiences:

  • Their PowerPoint app has been refreshed with a new interface, to make using the app even easier
  • The new app adds more robust discovery features and deeper O365 integration
  • For when you’re in the browser, they’ve built an updated and responsive web app
  • Brand new apps for iOS/Android and Windows Phone, all utilizing newly released Office APIs

With Pichit.me, you can communicate like a pro and shine on stage. Just as importantly, you can stop spending endless hours searching for that perfect image. PicHit.Me’s global photo market gives you unlimited access to great, legal photos, with the tools and features to make creating friction free.